Major causes of weight gain in women


Weight gain has become a problem for most women. Unnecessary weight creates a lot of tension on women life. Women get worried concerning their weight gain. It exposes many women to problems like high blood pressure, and pregnancy complications stretch marks and difficulty in their marriage. It is advisable for women to deal with the weight problem as soon as possible. Commit to change, if you truly want to come out of this problem, then commit yourself to not only accepting change but seeking it. Deal with what causes the unnecessary gain and find a solution to come out of the problem. Below are some major causes of weight gain problems in most women.

Causes of weight gain in women

Pregnancy and after birth

Whenlskadnvlkaslkdnvlksnakldnvlksandvlknlskanlksakdlnvksaldvnlsadvasv a woman becomes pregnant, the addition of weight becomes automatic. Placenta, excess blood and amniotic flood make a woman to gain weight. Overweight moms put the baby to a risk and may disadvantage them too. When a woman gives birth, without the control of this weight, it will make her add more and more. Most women will eat more than usual because of the breastfeeding. This extra meal will enable them to gain weight, and after some time it becomes harder for them to control their body weight.

Food intolerance

Most women cannot control their cravings for a certain type of food. They love eating Sugary food that may easily make them gain weight easily. Such food cravings should be in control. When it is beyond your control it will because of your trouble. Choose to eat little that is enough for you. Never tolerate eating too much which may cause constipation. Set your mind and be disciplined on how you eat. Avoid excess junk food and go for a well-balanced diet. Take a step to do away with poor eating regardless of your feelings.

Poor habit

Too many drinks like alcohol, Bad eating habits, and poor sleeping habits among others are the behaviors that every woman need to restrict it. Such habits in women make them experience heavyweight. Too much of something is poisonous, as a woman try to realize limit yourself on how much you are drinking, eating and sleeping. Do the right thing at the right time. Avoid a situation where some people may put you in bad habits. Do away with such poor habits completely.


Most women gain weight at their menopause. They tend to eat a lot at this stage due to increase in their appetite. Old women are also in inactive they no longer use much energy in their bodies, and therefore it will be difficult for them to lose weight. A lot of fats will accumulate in their bodies hence more weight.

After going through such cases, you will be sure on how to control weight problems, and above all, you will have the ability to find a solution to come out of such problem caused by weight gain. As a woman having a nice shape and attractive figure I awesome. Mind your body size to enhance your flexibility always. Identifying what causes weight gain is important.