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Welcome to my corner, the section of my site dedicated to getting my voice heard.If you have made it here, I’d like to personally thank you and once again welcome you. Browse around, sign my guestbook, link back to me- make me a happy Webmistress.The idea for “Our Own Destiny” came to me when I tried to find a common denominator between my three favorite shows- “Buffy”, “Angel” and “Roswell”. All of the sudden, it came to me – Destiny. Angel, destined to be a champion, Buffy destined to be the Slayer, and Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess destined to be leaders.Yet none of these characters fully accepted their roles- they all rose above and created their own destines.Truly, the largest factor in the idea for this site was the “Roswell” episode, “End of the World” (a classic episode which all- “Roswell” fan or not- should see). When Future Max Evans told a heartbroken Liz Parker that we create our own destinies, no idea seemed more appealing.I’ve been working hard on this site for many (practically) sleepless nights and I hope you enjoy your “stay” here.In the future, this page will be used as a virtual “soapbox”. You may find episode or season reviews, on topic rants or even the occasional public service announcement.In this first week, I would simply like to use this space to thank all those who made this site possible in their own little (or not so little) ways.First of all, thanks to Rock the Rock Creations who did the HTML for the splash and index page. Tables make my head hurt, so thanks!Thank you to Prophecy who designed the main image on the index page. It’s a beaut. Thanks!Thanks to Caro and SWMF for teaching me HTML in the first place oh so many months ago. Without you guys, this site wouldn’t exist and I’d probably be getting a decent amount of sleep! (Wait a minute…)To everyone in #rileyfinn on MIRC/Squidge for putting up with my endless late night sessions and occasional Glory-morphs.And especially to my best friend Jodi– I just couldn’t do this (or anything) without you.Enjoy the site guys…and come back often!